Dunwoody City Councilman Denis Shortal plans to run for re-election.

Shortal said July 16 he will run in the Nov. 5 election to retain the council seat representing Post 1.

Shortal said he decided to seek a return to the council in order “to continue the progress we’ve made and not to regress.”

“My ideals and my ideas, I think, are in line with the majority of citizens,” he said in a telephone interview. “I think we have to ensure we will continue to do what we told the people we would do. I think I have done that.”

Shortal is one of three Dunwoody council members facing re-election this year. Councilman Doug Thompson also has announced he will run for re-election to Post 3. Post 2 Councilwoman Adrian Bonser, who also is reaching the end of her current term, has not publicly announced her election plans.

Denis Shortal

Joe Earle

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