According to the Wall Street Journal, Atlanta’s luxury condo market is heating up while prices remain below their peak. There was a nine year inventory back at the beginning of the recession in 2008 and now it’s only six months. In the September issue of INtown, we’ll be exploring this trend in a feature article in our Home & Real Estate section.
WSJ screenshot

One reply on “Video: WSJ reports Atlanta luxury condo market heating up”

  1. This is often the case with luxury properties. Because the buyers and hence the property owners can “afford” to go through a recession, property values in this category are not as greatly affected.
    But, as the recession recedes, we often find that contracts have stopped building new luxury units as soon as the alarm bells when off. As soon as the dust settles, they realize that the demand is still there for these properties and that is why we see a supply shortage.

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