Briarcliff Summit
Briarcliff Summit

Writing for the Virginia Highland Civic Association website, John Becker talks about the “extreme makeover” to the historic Briarcliff Summit building on Ponce de Leon Avenue  at the corner of North Highland Avenue (just across from the Plaza Theater).
Becker writes: “Many know and cherish the tremendous history that almost oozes from the nine-story building on the northwest corner of Ponce de Leon and N. Highland Avenues. After all, “The Seven-Fifty” – as the building was originally known – was built in 1925 by Asa Candler, Jr., son of the famous Coke mogul. At the time, its luxury apartments were considered some of the finest in the city, with famous tenants like Al Capone. The building is even listed on the National Register of Historic Places.”
Today, the 200-unit building offers housing to seniors and those with disabilities. Check out Becker’s full essay and the photos at this link

Collin Kelley

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