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Parents hoping to open a charter school in Buckhead are responding to a recommendation from Superintendent Erroll Davis to the Atlanta Board of Education.

Davis is recommending the BOE deny the charter school’s application at its Aug. 12 meeting, though Davis said the recommendation has nothing to do with the merit of the petition application filed by supporters of Atlanta Classical Academy. Davis said his recommendation is due to unresolved legal questions about how APS is paying its pension obligations. The board will take up the matter at its Aug. 12 meeting.

ACA supporters are continuing their campaign to convince BOE members to support their application.

“We are disappointed that he would jeopardize the opportunity to do something that could so clearly be good for kids and good for the district,” ACA Chairman Matthew Kirby wrote in an email to supporters. “We see Mr. Davis gripping tightly to centralized control when we wish that he would open his hands and embrace choice, entrepreneurship, equity in school choice, and community-driven leadership.”

Kirby told supporters that the pension issue should have no bearing on whether his charter petition gets approved.

“This debt was created decades ago when APS did not fully fund future obligations,” Kirby writes in his email. “Those future obligations are due to be paid now. Charter schools had absolutely nothing to do with creating this liability. As we understand it, this debt is not related to current APS employees’ retirement plans, but rather to a group of employees who worked for APS years ago.”

To see the full statement from ACA, visit our Reporter Newspapers sister site at this link.

Collin Kelley

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