People who live in Castleberry Hill are furious after learning that a parking lot moratorium is not being enforced by the City of Atlanta. The City Council placed a 180-day moratorium on issuing temporary parking lot permits in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood in order to allow for a review of the regulations that govern the lots, which are used for parking at the Georgia Dome.

The moratorium, which went into effect July 24, was supposed to close a dozen temporary parking lots off Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and McDaniel Street between Northside Drive, Whitehall Street and Spring Street, but our affiliate CBS Atlanta discovered that some lots had received special permits and parking was taking place during last night’s Falcons exhibition game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Here’s more from the CBS Atlanta report:

“The moratorium, which means cease and desist, did not happen,” resident Robin Gagnon said. “They are not enforcing their own city laws.”

CBS Atlanta watched as Atlanta Police wrote at least one citation to a parking attendant for unauthorized parking at 0 Nelson Street. The man who would not identify himself to CBS Atlanta, told police it was private property. That location is on the moratorium list released by the city.

Despite his citation, the parking attendant continued to park cars and collect cash.

“He is parking 75 cars at $10 a pop, so he gets a $100 fine, what’s it matter to him,” Gagnon said. He is going to come back and break the law the next weekend, he is going to continue to do it. Unless, the penalty is large enough, it doesn’t make any difference.”

Police said some of the parking locations received special permits to park cars there, despite the moratorium. Officers said they were just following orders.

The addresses of the lots affected by the moratorium include:

0 Haynes Street

0 Nelson Street

27 Markham Street

43 Mangum Street

65 Haynes

73 Mangum Street

92 Northside Drive

185 Walker Street

343-349 Mitchell Street

399-407 Chapel Street

440 Markham Street

445 Markham Street

Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley has been the editor of Atlanta Intown for two decades and has been a journalist and freelance writer for 35 years. He’s also an award-winning poet and novelist.