Prisca Strother performs with Larkin Poe in the recreation of Janis Joplin's "Pearl."
Prisca Strother performs with Larkin Poe in the recreation of Janis Joplin’s “Pearl.”

By Annie Kinnett Nichols

The ATL Collective is bringing the experience of vinyl back to life with live recreations of famous albums. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.

The group is the brainchild of local musicians David Berkeley and Micah Dalton, who wanted to help other musicians network, find gigs and get some attention. With most people attached to their iPods or streaming music on Pandora, the group latched onto the idea of bringing back the ambiance of the vinyl record. Remember those? To hear an entire album, you listened to one side and then had to get up and flip the record over. Or if you wanted to listen to your favorite song over and over, you had to move the needle back (I cop to that).

The poster for Folsom Prison.

My friend, David Feldman, told me over a ping-pong game at Sister Louisa’s Church that he did all the web work and design for ATL Collective, and that the group was recreating albums every month. Some of the recent ones include Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison, Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Paul Simon’s

Graceland, which featured the African Children’s Choir, at the Buckhead Theatre. Rhiannon Clark curated the Graceland show and brought in the Grammy-nominated African Children’s Choir, which raises money for school children in Africa.

I went to see the recreation of Janice Joplin’s legendary Pearl album with local band Larkin Poe curating the show. Prisca Strother was a standout, belting some of the album’s best songs like “Cry Baby” and “A Woman Left Lonely.” The audience joined in and was singing along on “Mercedes Benz;” it gave me chill bumps.

The next ATL Collective show is Aug. 14 at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur and will feature a recreation of Stevie Wonder’s Innervision. The album, which is marking its 40th anniversary, has two of my all time favorite songs: “Living for the City” on Side A and “Higher Ground” on Side B. I’ll be there singing along. Come out and join me!

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Collin Kelley

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