We asked seniors at local schools what they hoped to take from their final high school football seasons. Here’s what they had to say.

“I hope to take away the many friendships I have made on the team over the years. Also, I hope to help the team reach its many goals, including playing for the state and region championship again. Personally, I would like to use this season to help further my football career in college.”
Michael Caragher
St. Pius X Catholic High School
“This is my second year as starting quarterback. I have played on the football team for all four years. This year, we’ve changed the competition, and that’s given us more of a goal of winning games.”
Oluwatomi Adedayo
Cross Keys High Indians
“The main thing that I would like to take away from senior season is to be a leader on and off of the field. I hope that when the season is over that I can say that I did everything that I could do for the team’s success.”
Austin Chapman
The Westminster Schools Wildcats
“I hope that I can have fun and win games.”
Denzel Franklin
Pace Academy Knights
“I want to take the lessons I have learned out on the football field and apply them to life. Even though I will not be playing football in college, I know my football experiences will help me in college and my career.”
John Simoneaux
Marist School War Eagles
“I think the biggest thing I want to take away from this season is learning how to become a better leader. As of right now, I am the only senior on the team, and I am taking a lot of responsibility into my own hands. While it may be extremely difficult, I think it will help develop my leadership skills tremendously.”
Luke Whelan
Holy Spirit Preparatory School Cougars
“I want to be the best quarterback for my team — to go out and do the best I can for the guys around me, and give the guys the best season they could imagine. High school football days are some of the best days of our lives, and I want to make them as memorable as possible for all my friends and teammates.”
Luke Wright
Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School
Golden Bears