Brookhaven City Council members had a candid conversation with attorneys about the city’s adult business ordinance at the council’s Aug. 27 meeting.

Mayor J. Max Davis asked attorney Scott Bergthold a series of questions about the city’s ordinance, which bans nude dancing and alcohol consumption in adult businesses. The City Council also heard arguments against the ordinance from Aubrey Villines, an attorney representing the Pink Pony strip club.

The owners of the Pink Pony have sued Brookhaven, claiming the city’s ordinance would put the club out of business. And the club has the sympathy of many Brookhaven residents, who have told council they would like for the Pink Pony to remain and contribute tax revenue to the city’s coffers.

When City Attorney Bill Riley attempted to end the conversation due to the pending litigation, Davis refused.

“I don’t care if you think it’s inappropriate,” Davis said. “I’m just trying to get some questions answered. We’re the ones getting the mailers with our faces on it. We’re the ones that are getting the phone calls and emails. … We’re taking a lot of flack on this issue and I want folks to realize the decisions we’ve made are not made out of some moral crusade. They’re made after lots and lots of thought and lots of discussion and lots of debate.”