• Jonah Blumenthal, rising senior
  • Riverwood International Charter School
Jonah Blumenthal

When he was in the sixth grade, Jonah Blumenthal asked his father to teach him about photography. In the years since, Jonah’s art has flourished, both in photography and other visual arts.

Now a rising senior at Riverwood International Charter School, Jonah shows no signs of slowing down.

Jonah’s dedication to his work is greatly influenced by the ties his family has to photography, Jonah said. Jonah’s father and grandfather are both photographers, he said.

“I’m very close with my grandfather and share many of the same hobbies,” Jonah said. “Photography also gives me a way to spend time with my father doing something we both are passionate about.”

In 2011, Jonah launched a photography business with his father, Jeffrey Blumenthal. “I am a photographer who loves to capture the essence of my subjects,” Jonah says on the company’s website. “As a high school student and rising professional, my work illustrates both a traditional and artistic approach to photography. I specialize in portraits, and b’nai mitzvah photography. My goal is to produce a ‘wow’ worthy of your business.”

The business comes from humble origins, Jonah said.

“My dad told me that I should do something with [his work], and that there was a market I could tap into,” he said. “I got excited and made a website. He supported me fully, and it started from there.”

Jonah also produces art in other media, such as painting, and has had his work on display both at the High Museum of Art and the Mason Murer Fine Arts Gallery.

Describing himself as an expressionist and impressionist painter, Jonah notes that as far as he’s concerned, traditional art and photography “balance themselves out” in his life.

“When I want to approach something realistically, I would rather use photography. When I want more of an emotional and personal piece, I tend to lean toward painting,” he said.

Jonah’s dedication extends to his school life as well. He was selected as one of four Riverwood students to take part in the Governor’s Honors Program this summer. Jonah is also vice president of Riverwood’s 2013-2014 senior class.

What’s Next:

Jonah has not yet picked a college he wants attend, but he intends to continue studies in both biology and the visual arts with hopes of eventually attending medical school.

Asked about the future of his photography business, Jonah said, “If I stay in Georgia then I intend to keep the business going. If not, my father (who is a better photographer than I am concerning technique – I’m more artistic) will probably take over.”

This article was prepared by Blake Flournoy, a student at Riverwood International Charter School.