• Jonathan Moore
  • Senior, Mt. Vernon Presbyterian School
Jonathan Moore

If someone were trying to find Jonathan Moore, he or she might have a hard time knowing where to start.

The Mount Vernon Presbyterian School senior could be anywhere from the football field to the theater stage to performing with his alternative rock band.

Jonathan has not only played football at the school since the eighth grade, but he has also performed in school productions of Hamlet the Musical and A Year with Frog and Toad.

For Jonathan, music is an outlet, and he has grown up with it as his dad teaches music at both Georgia Tech and Mount Vernon.

“Because he is so multi-talented, he is liked and respected by every member of the student body,” said Jonathan’s AP physics and AP chemistry teacher, Tom Rounds.

At school, Jonathan plays the trumpet, but in eighth grade, he began the band Your Sister’s Best Friend with his older brother, Ryan,and their friend Brayden Gomer. The band performs their own original songs, with Jonathan as a bass guitarist and backing vocalist. Jonathan is also doing production and recording work now as well.

Together, the band has played at The Masquerade downtown, Peachtree Tavern, and at a music festival they organized themselves. In the fall, they plan to perform in Athens and go on an Alabama tour, and next summer, they hope to go on a North Carolina tour.

This year will be Jonathan’s 16th at Mount Vernon, and he is going to be representing the school as Head Prefect. He was selected by the school administration and had to complete a long application process to be considered for the honor.

“The school is most of my life,” said Jonathan. “I have been going there since I was 3, and I am there all the time. I love the school so much, and I just want to give back for everything it has taught me.”

As Head Prefect, Jonathan was in charge of giving a speech at the school’s convocation. Throughout the year, he will make daily morning announcements and help to communicate between the administration and the student body.

Over the summer, Jonathan was a counselor at the YMCA’s Camp Cheerio in North Carolina. He’s attended camp there for 11 years and now works with younger kids. He said he enjoys watching them grow and become better people during their week at camp.

“The reason I wanted to be a counselor was the same reason I wanted to be in the prefect system at school,” Jonathan said. “This camp shaped my life and helped me grow as an individual. I was a shy and homesick camper my first year and by the end, I was much more outgoing.”

What’s Next:

Jonathan hopes to pursue either music or architecture, and is considering a number of schools in Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia and South Carolina.

This article was reported and prepared by Mollie Simon, a student at Chamblee Charter High.