Q: With the recent arrest of a gunman at a DeKalb elementary school and the discovery of a gun brought by a student to a Sandy Springs middle school, do you feel your children are safe when they are at school?

Asked around the Reporter Newspapers communities

“Yes, I feel my children are safe in both of their schools, Kingsley and Peachtree Middle. I believe that safety is because of the training, concern and awareness of the teachers who work in those two buildings, as well as the parents who are conscious of their surroundings and make the effort to inform the school of anything out of the ordinary.”
Allegra Johnson
“I feel… the same? I don’t know what else to say. I wasn’t in the classroom when it happened, and I didn’t find out what went on until the day after. I’m just glad it’s over.”
Caitlin Flournoy
“I’m obviously very concerned about guns in schools. … This is a great school and this is our third year at [High Point Elementary School]. I feel like my daughter is safe here.”
Arnold Zilberkant
“It didn’t make me afraid to send kids to school.”
Candace Jones
“I do feel they’re safe. I think the events that have happened, they’re isolated. I really don’t worry for my kids’ safety at school.”
Andy Loudon
“I do. I think they’ve taken all of the recommended safety precautions.”
Laurie Nichols
“Yes, because I trust their school administrators. I’ve always felt they paid close attention and they handle incidents responsibly.”
Nicole Wright
“Yes. I think that events like what happened at McNair [Elementary School] are random. … I’ve been to both [of my children’s schools] and they seem to have adequate security. It doesn’t concern me.”
Mike Sheridan
“I guess I am. Because there’s Code Red [emergency warning system] and … [school officials] go under a lot of precautions. I think it’s safe.”
Tyler Sheridan
“I don’t think they’re safe in school any more. I think the foundation starts at home. Children are reacting to what they see at home and on TV, and bringing it to school. People are insensitive these days.”
Tanya Blake
“I feel safe at my school because I know that my school is doing everything they can in order to make the community safe. This being said, there is always going to be a feeling of being unsafe because of the events that occur in schools. ”
Felipa Schmidt