To the editor:

With regard to the article “City has declared a war on cars with planned bike lanes” by Norb Leahy [Dunwoody Reporter, Aug. 23-Sept.5]. He makes the statement that “bikes are for recreation, not transportation.” Might I inquire, who is the arbiter of this?

Is this the view of Norb Leahy, the individual, or Norb Leahy, representing the Dunwoody Community Council?

He then goes on to say that “sidewalks are useful for children to walk or ride their bikes to school.” So he has now reversed course, and declared that for children, bikes are for transportation!

I am a 57-year-old man who occasionally uses his bike for transportation (and wished I did it more) and often uses his bike for recreation (also wishing I did it more). I gather Mr. Leahy doesn’t want me on the road around Dunwoody. However, I am certainly grateful that Dunwoody is making strides to become more bike friendly and would like to see this trend continue.

Harry van Beuningen