District 4 Board of Education member Nancy Meister, who is seeking reelection, is pushing back against claims made by her opponent in the school board race.

During a Sept. 11 forum, Taryn Bowman made several claims about Meister’s record as a BOE member. The most eyebrow-raising claim was that Meister had a record of, “Overseeing school shootings, gas leaks, and a sexual assault of a special ed student at North Atlanta.”

Meister issued a lengthy response to those claims and others that were first reported by the Financial Deconstruction blog. In her statement, Meister does not name her opponent or reference her directly.

“It has been suggested that as Board members, we allowed ‘guns in schools’ and “sexual assaults,’” Meister writes.  “This is truly disheartening to anyone serving in the public interest, especially those of us working so hard to create a culture of trust and accountability.

“When the terrible tragedy last year in Sandy Hook, Connecticut took place, the Board took action and approved the expansion of security in our schools. I stand on the principle that providing safe schools for our children is paramount.  I spearheaded a cluster meeting that was specific to Safety and Security with our internal security department, administrator and parents. Important dialog and ideas came from this discussion and were implemented with the Principals this year.  With the assistance of the City of Atlanta Police Department, we established a much stronger security presence and increased the level of safety for our students.”

To read Meister’s full statement, click here.

Dan Whisenhunt

Dan Whisenhunt wrote for Reporter Newspapers from 2011 - 2014. He is the founder and editor of Decaturish.com