Brookhaven City Council members are considering how they would like to regulate alcohol in city parks.

At a Sept. 24 meeting, some Brookhaven council members said they’d like to allow alcohol at events in the parks. The city inherited DeKalb County’s rules, which permit alcohol in park pavilions in connection with facility rentals.

Councilman Bates Mattison said he wants to see the city be as open as possible.

“To me, it seems the only downside is from a public safety standpoint or liability standpoint. I would much prefer to allow our citizens to utilize our parks and really embrace them,” Mattison said. “I’d rather address issues as they come up and be more tolerant on the front end.”

Councilwoman Rebecca Chase Williams said she would prefer the city be more cautious. She said in other cities, there has been push back from residents who think parks should be alcohol-free.

“Let’s continue to study it. I don’t want to rush into it,” Williams said.