BBA President Brian Daughdrill, left, presents an award to Atlanta Police Officer Terrence Epps, center, along with BBA Vice President of Public Safety Mark Shaver, right.

The Buckhead Business Association honored three law enforcement officers on Oct. 3 for their outstanding service with the association’s Public Safety Awards.

Officer William Whitaker of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department was nominated for his role in nabbing a woman who was smuggling drugs and cellphones into the Fulton County jail.

Mark Shaver, the BBA vice president of public safety, said Whitaker was monitoring a high security floor of the county jail when he noticed a dental assistant there to treat inmates going into a broom closet.

When she was spotted going into the closet a second time, officers discovered a 3.2 ounce bag of marijuana along with other contraband. She now faces at least five years in prison.

“Observing her behavior and notifying people led to her arrest,” Shaver said.

Firefighter Andre Rogers of the Atlanta Fire and Rescue Department was recognized for his long-time commitment to the department.

Shaver said Rogers is involved with many community programs as well as work within the department.

“His dedication doesn’t stop with community work,” Shaver said. “He’s always taking new firefighters under his wing…He’s always ready to volunteer for extra events.”

Atlanta Police Officer Terrence Epps, who serves in Zone 2, which covers Buckhead, received an award for his work apprehending a burglar.

Following a string of burglaries in apartment buildings, police narrowed in on a suspect.

Epps questioned a man who fit the description of the suspect, and when he attempted to handcuff the man, he began to struggle.

“During the course of the struggle, he pulled out a hand gun aimed at Officer Epps,” Shaver said.

Epps was able to push him off and fired several shots, injuring the suspect, who was wanted for several crimes.

“We want to commend him for his bravery and good things he did to help us out,” Shaver said.