The Buckhead Reporter reached out to current candidates for the District 4 Board of Education seat, incumbent Nancy Meister and her challenger Taryn Bowman, for their reaction to the findings of an investigation into allegations of racism at North Atlanta High School. Investigators concluded that the allegations were unfounded.

Nancy Meister

I am glad that the investigation has concluded and that the report has been issued. The students and teachers at North Atlanta High School can now get back to teaching and learning. I look forward to the continued success of North Atlanta!

Nancy Meister, Candidate for District 4 BOE

Taryn Bowman

I am literally burning the candle at both ends to get into this office so I can offer solutions to things like institutional racism. My goal is to get on the board to deal with many issues we’ve been facing.

Taryn Bowman, Candidate for District 4 BOE