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William Mercier

Editor’s note: Throughout the week, Reporter Newspapers will be publishing portions of its voters guide for the upcoming Nov. 5 elections. Candidate info can also be found in the Oct. 4 and Oct. 18 editions of Reporter Newspapers.

William Mercier

Occupation: senior project manager, airframe maintenance planning, Delta Air Lines

Prior political experience: Caucus Aide – Ohio House of Representatives (3.5 years); Interim City Clerk (1 year); Elected Parish Council President (3 years); commander – Sons of the American Legion (2 years).

Why are you seeking this position? A consistent theme I have observed among the other candidates, both personally and through comments of my neighbors, is a lack of real solutions, fresh ideas and acknowledgement of citizen concern.  I felt the citizens of Dunwoody, and more specifically District 2, deserved a candidate that would be free thinking, driven to seize upon opportunities in Dunwoody and motivated by realistic short and long term goals.  Dunwoody City Council has spent too much time behind closed doors through Executive Sessions.   District 2 deserves a candidate that puts citizen input, financial responsibility and open communication in the forefront.  I want to serve my community in District 2 by providing a positive, free thinking candidate with no hidden agenda to vote for on Nov. 5.

Why should the voters choose you? This is an exciting time for the city of Dunwoody!  We have the opportunity to be the standard bearer of Atlanta suburbs and we need leaders we can trust who have the citizen’s interest at heart.  My experience at both the state and municipal levels of government and my education in city and regional planning and economics makes me uniquely qualified to assist the city.  My private-sector experience and my previous elected leadership roles have enabled me to have the foresight to create and plan real solutions.  I believe in looking forward for the future needs of Dunwoody and addressing those needs with thorough, practical planning.   I believe in playing by the rules and keeping your word with the citizens you serve.  I also believe in a transparent city government which the citizens can trust.   Let’s take this opportunity to move Dunwoody in a new and positive direction, a direction rooted in citizen input and proper planning.  I would be honored to have your support in my endeavor to keep moving Dunwoody forward.

Jim Riticher

Jim Riticher

Occupation:  Engineering & IT Management Consulting

Prior political experience:  None

Why are you seeking this position? I decided to run after seeing the city’s consistent pattern of tuning out residents while pursuing wasteful and costly projects. Project Renaissance is a great example. The council and city gave a sweetheart deal quickly to an insider developer. They are subsidizing the deal to the tune of $5 to $10 million. They are already approving cost overruns. The residents of Dunwoody are very angry and they want their city back — they demand a real change.

Why should the voters the choose you? From my engineering background I have real-world experience in listening to clients and helping them craft solutions to their problems. This experience can help get the council and city back on track to solutions for Dunwoody that make sense and save money. The voters of Dunwoody do not need another insider on the council.

Campaign webpage: http://www.Riticher.com/

Heyward Wescott

Heyward Wescott

Occupation: Owner/Operator, Custom Signs Today

Prior political experience: I have never held a public office.

Why are you seeking this position?  One of my favorite quotes is Gandhi’s: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” That pretty much sums up my approach to community service. Some people are satisfied simply talking in theory about change and some people roll their sleeves up and get hands-on. I can’t remember the last time my sleeves weren’t rolled up! It’s probably also why I enjoy being an entrepreneur and small business owner so much.

Why should the voters choose you?  First and foremost I’d say my record of community service speaks for itself. There aren’t many events in Dunwoody I haven’t played a role in. I’ve learned so much by collaborating with fellow organizers, sponsors and the citizens of Dunwoody. While I’ve been very busy behind the scenes over the years, all that work has prepared me for a more visible role as a city councilman where I can put that experience to good use.

Secondly, I believe my natural disposition as a good listener will serve me well. Between my wife and two teenage daughters, it’s a skill I’ve had plenty of opportunity to hone. I tend to be very even-keeled even in the face of adversity and I owe a lot of that to being a small business owner.

Campaign webpage: www.heywardfordunwoody.com

Dan Whisenhunt

Dan Whisenhunt wrote for Reporter Newspapers from 2011 - 2014. He is the founder and editor of Decaturish.com