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District 9 City Councilwoman Felicia Moore has received accolades from her peers.

Felicia Moore (Incumbent) 

Occupation:  Associate Real Estate Broker

Prior political experience:  Elected to Atlanta City Council District 9 in 1997

Why are you seeking this position? To continue to serve the residents of District 9 and the City of Atlanta.  To work on issues that directly affect the quality of life, like Code Enforcement and Public safety. Also, to watch our tax dollars and ensure community input on the issues before us.

Why should voters choose you? Because I have demonstrated that I am a hardworking member who seeks to be knowledgeable about the issues I vote to support.  I am active and responsive to the calls for assistance from my community and other residents of the city.

Facebook:  Felicia A. Moore

Quinton Weems

Quinton Weems

Occupation: Sports Agent/ Works as a Tutor for After School Program..

Prior political experience:  I have yet to hold a political seat as an elected official, however growing up in low-income housing projects in Atlanta, I think you are always considered “political.”

Why are you seeking this position?

I am seeking this position because the current council person in office, Ms. Felicia Moore, has done nothing for 85 percent of the district and she has also voted to not open recreation centers in that part of the district and 85 percent of the District looks like a Third World country and the other 15 percent looks like Buckhead. Yes, I said it:  Buckhead. And there is no secret the northern part of town is white and the other half is black and the black schools in that district are last in APS in test scoring and Ms. Moore’s actions shows that she does not care. So many killings and violent breakins and we have never had leadership in District 9 and the time of that is over.

Why should voters choose you?

The people should vote for me because I am the best choice not only for District 9 but for all of Atlanta. I am young, from the streets, so I know what works to help get rid of high crime which is very low and Zone 1 is the  lowest in Atlanta this last three months since I have decided to run for office.

Also, I am from the area born and raised, unlike Felicia Moore, who was planted there and what the other 15 percent, mainly white citizens, need to be careful about is when you allow leadership to show favoritism and upgrade your area, but totally ignore the other 85 percent, poor blacks. And I wonder who the poor blacks will have to rob, since the community they live in has nothing. They will go around the corner to take from those who actually have something.

But some people don’t get it and don’t understand that, so it’s my job to educate and protect both black and white because we are all in this fight together and enough is enough, and, if not me then who? If not now, then when? Poor education equals poor jobs, which equals poor housing, which causes a very vicious cycle that eventually causes one to make foolish decisions that lead to crime. And I am not bought and sold. I have no friends at City Hall and Labor, like Felicia Moore. I will make sure both sides get fair share of City Hall.

Ricardo Mosby

Ricardo Mosby

Occupation: Attorney

Prior political experience: I have not held elected office previously

Why are you seeking this position?  District 9 deserves better.  When I ran in 2001 we had thriving small businesses, banks and shopping centers but our infrastructure was starting to decline while other areas were holding stable or improving.  Now, 12 years later, we are seeing the effect of my opponent’s 16 years in office.  Businesses are leaving the district, real income is falling, the housing stock has dilapidated and deteriorated, traffic congestion is worsening and for the southern part of the district there are no grocery stores or shopping centers.  Likewise, the has been little or no development in the southern part of the district, and although housing projects such as Bankhead Court and Bowen Homes have been torn down the land sits vacant and unused.   Against this backdrop my opponent voted three times to give herself a raise. The last raise was for more than $20,000 and brought her salary to $60,000, nearly 3x times that of most people in the District.  She is an activist turned career politician.

Why should voters choose you?  There are three reasons voters should choose me.  First, I will put the district first.  I will start with locating a council office in the heart of District 9 to allow greater access to the constituency.  This also means rejecting the $20,000 pay raise and reinvesting it in the community.  Second, I can be effective on day one. I have worked for the city of Atlanta in various departments including City Council as an intern, administrative services, and Public Works.  I have relationships with departments and a presence in the community that will allow me to identify issues and draft legislation that will make a positive difference in the community.  Likewise, my experiences as an attorney allow me to know how to negotiate and make necessary concessions to move the district and the city forward  Third, I have an economic development based agenda.  We cannot take on the infrastructure projects needed without investments in our region.  This means streetscape, and building fascia beautification projects to improve the asthetics of key corridors, public private partnerships to clean our streets and improve our parks.  This means opening recreational programs in the district to engage our children. This means working with law enforcement to make our streets safer.  Then we can attract grocery stores, retailers and banks.

Campaign webpage:  www.ricardomosby.com

Dan Whisenhunt

Dan Whisenhunt wrote for Reporter Newspapers from 2011 - 2014. He is the founder and editor of Decaturish.com