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Barbara Malone

Barbara Malone

Occupation: Financial Services Administrator

Prior political experience: For the past 5 years I have held elected positions as Chairman of MSNA and as Vice President of SSCN. In these elected positions I have represented the interests of both my immediate neighbors and neighborhoods across the City of Sandy Springs. This experience has enabled me to better understand the issues, needs and desires of the citizens of Sandy Springs and to speak authoritatively on their behalf.

Why are you seeking this position? Our city is at an inflection point: we have gone through the growing pains associated with the city’s birth and now need to focus on turning Sandy Springs into a place where people increasingly want to live, work and play.

To do that we need to achieve balance: we need to recognize the needs and aspirations of current residents and balance those against our pressing need for commercial and residential development and our need to implement solutions to our ever-present traffic problems.

We need strong leadership to make this happen.

A top priority for the next mayor and city council is to examine and revise the city ordinances that were taken from Fulton County at Sandy Springs’ birth and tailor them to better serve Sandy Spring’ needs. The current ordinances are ambiguous, open to interpretation, and are often essentially unenforceable. They cost us precious time and money and do not provide the firm foundation for growth that the city needs.

Our situation is widely understood by the people of Sandy Springs, and I have been encouraged to run by people I’ve worked with across the city because they recognize in me

Someone who is known for listening, for providing a voice of reason in difficult situations, for respecting differences while seeking resolution

Someone who is the voice of the people she represents and who is prepared to fight relentlessly on their behalf.

Someone who has proven themselves as a vocal advocate for ordinance enforcement and reform,

Someone who supports setting a development path that aligns with neighborhood protection and enhancement.

Someone who is a strong leader capable of helping to steer the city in the right direction.

I am running because the people of Sandy Springs have asked me to run.

Graham McDonald

Occupation: Attorney

Prior political experience:  This is my first campaign for public office. I have been extremely active in the community in which I am so invested, serving as President of the North Harbor Neighborhood Association, Vice Chairman of the City of Sandy Springs Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC), and on the Board of Trustees for Leadership Sandy Springs. These and other community engagements furthered my passion for

Sandy Springs, and prompted me to broaden my contributions by seeking a seat on the City Council.

Why are you seeking this position? As the father of a young family, homeowner and business owner here in Sandy Springs, I am passionate about, and deeply invested in, the future of this City.  I am in it for the long haul.  I believe in being an active and engaged citizen and have eagerly embraced positions including President, and prior Vice President, of my homeowners association, member of the Board of Trustees of Leadership Sandy Springs, and Vice Chairman of the Economic Development Advisory Committee (to which I was appointed by Mayor Galambos).

I would be honored to serve as Councilman of District 3, to build upon the hard work that others have started to preserve, and enhance, the quality of life in our neighborhoods, including road safety and mobility, crime prevention, aesthetic improvements and green space expansion.

Why should voters choose you? I believe that the body of knowledge and experience that I have gained over the past several years make me well prepared to contribute to this community as Councilman of District 3.  Specifically –

•   As President, and prior Vice President, of the North Harbor Neighborhood Association, I have come to know first-hand the challenges the City and fellow families face in managing and safeguarding our neighborhoods against traffic.  Input from neighbors across our district will play a critical role in finding effective solutions to these and other key issues.

•   As a local attorney, I am well equipped to provide insight and analysis related to the legal issues that are involved in almost every area in which the City has responsibility, including zoning, contract review, ordinance drafting and enforcement.

•   Through my mayor-appointed position on the Economic Development Advisory Committee, I recognize the importance of smart and balanced growth for our City and have worked together with neighbors, community leaders and City officials to offer solutions for the numerous important issues on which the continued high quality of life in our neighborhoods depends – including public safety, traffic relief, the filling of empty retail and office space, green space expansion and the creation of our City Center.

•    In undoubtedly my most important role, as the father of a young and growing family, I have an important perspective and voice to offer the Council as we ensure the future strength and vitality of our City and a high quality of life for families across Sandy Springs.

•   Finally, I have also been honored to have the support of a wonderful list of leaders.  Mayor Eva Galambos, current District 3 Councilman Chip Collins and Representative Joe Wilkinson all support my campaign and all serve as Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs.  To see current District 3 City Councilman Chip Collins’ personal letter of endorsement, please go to my campaign’s website: www.mcdonaldforsandysprings.com

Dan Whisenhunt

Dan Whisenhunt wrote for Reporter Newspapers from 2011 - 2014. He is the founder and editor of Decaturish.com