Douglas Thompson
Douglas Thompson

Doug Thompson (incumbent)

Occupation: Attorney/Accountant

Prior political experience: Member of Dunwoody City Council for three years; board member, Dunwoody Homeowners Association

Why are you seeking this position? To continue the great works of the city of Dunwoody.

Why should the voters choose you?

Because I will continue to focus on the issues that have the greatest impact on the quality of life/property values in Dunwoody:

 Schools: I support a Dunwoody School System

 Roads: Continue the pace of paving in Dunwoody

 Sidewalks: Install more for a safe, family-friendly Dunwoody

 Zoning: Protect Dunwoody’s residential character

 Codes: Protect property values and community-feel

 Police: Continue to support Dunwoody Police Department

 Parks: Continue to improve all Dunwoody parks

 Taxes: Keep taxes low. No tax increases without a vote

 Local Business: Create an environment for businesses to thrive

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Sam Eads

Sam Eads

Occupation: Engineer, business owner

Prior political experience: None

Why are you seeking this position? I entered the race because the current council is not listening to residents. They are grossly mismanaging projects and risking Dunwoody’s financial stability on sweetheart deals for developers. They are wasting money designing overly complicated intersection improvements–that money could be used to repave the roads faster so we could have all roads repaved in much less than the projected 20 years.

Why should the voters choose you? My business experience makes me uniquely qualified to help get Dunwoody back on track. As an engineer I am trained to look at all of the issues of a complex problem, understand their relationships, and create a realistic solution. As a business owner I know how to stick to a budget.

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Dan Whisenhunt

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