Denis Shortal
Denis Shortal

Denis Shortal (incumbent)

Occupation:  Retired Marine and Airline Pilot.

Prior political experience:  Co-Chair and Treasurer of Dunwoody Yes. Dunwoody City Council and Mayor Pro Tem December 2008 – present.

Why are you seeking this position? To continue the progress that has been made across the entire spectrum to enhance our City and the quality of life of our citizens within the fiscal capabilities of the City’s revenues.

Why should the voters choose you? The number one reason citizens should vote for me is that I have done what I told the citizens I would do when I first ran for office in 2008. I will continue to do what I tell the citizens I will do. I have proven myself as a good stewart of the tax payers dollars. We have kept taxes low, have run a surplus ever year and have a strong reserve fund. We have a “right sized” police force the quality of which is second to none.  I will continue to work to enhance the infrastructure of our city and the quality of life of all our citizens … including working for local control of our schools, limit the design and construction cost of projects to only what is necessary and aggressively protect the quality of life in our residential neighborhoods.

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David Davis

Occupation: Small business owner

Prior political experience: None

Why are you seeking this position? I look forward serving as a voice for the citizens of District 1. My Number One priority as a city council member is to ensure that the taxes are kept low and reduced where waste is found. I believe that the relative youth of our city gives us an advantage that we must maintain. A lean city that avoids pitfalls – such as patronage jobs, exorbitant pension obligations, and costly frivolous litigation – can deliver quality service without burdening tax payers.

Why should the voters choose you? As father and business owner, my desire to serve comes from my wish to maintain Dunwoody’s character and safety for future generations. I am not a career politician, and will serve as a much needed voice for the residents of Dunwoody; a voice of accountability with regard to wasteful spending and a check for those who wish to force their will upon our city.

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Henley Shelton

Henly Shelton

Occupation:  Professional Management and Sales Consultant

Prior political experience:  30 years in the International Corporate world.

Why are you seeking this position? I am disappointed by the apparent lack of communication between citizens and their government. I don’t know who council members are listening to, but it’s not the people turning out at meetings speaking to them. The council believes they’ve communicated. What they haven’t done is to find out whether anybody heard them.

Why should the voters choose you? I’m not tied to any special interests. I don’t have any developers behind me.   Anything we decide to do, it will have to benefit the residence of Dunwoody and the benefits will be measurable.

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Dan Whisenhunt

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