To the editor:

Mr. [Jim] Riticher and the self-called “sweeper candidates” continue to criticize a major accomplishment of the city of Dunwoody. They are actually criticizing the city’s well-thought-out efforts to eliminate the big apartment project on Chamblee Dunwoody – you know the one that we all called the “Pipe Farm” from all the pipes in the ground when the economy crashed and the apartment developer ran out of money. The city turned this around and called it Project Renaissance. Every citizen should be glad the city did this.

It is totally ridiculous for these sweeper candidates to attack Project Renaissance. Not only is it idiotic to question an award-winning project that took property zoned for a bunch of apartments by the county and made it into a homeowner, residential project, with a great park and other amenities that the citizens will enjoy, it is also dangerously ignorant. When you have a very negative economy, and little development going on, as we did, the city of Dunwoody worked with John Wieland to get this project completed. The city created a win-win situation. A sound single family project with a great park – all on a site that was once going to be a bunch of apartments.

Now, these uninvolved, never-done-anything sweepers are going to try to come in and tell us that this was a bad thing. It is offensive to me that they would criticize Project Renaissance for any reason.

But even their reasons are ridiculous – Jim Riticher said, I would have had more retail. Well who wants that when you’ve got single-family homeowners and a park and a commons area. There’s enough retail already.

Then the sweepers criticize Project Renaissance because it will connect to Brook Run. Well, how is that a bad thing? I mean connecting our parks with trails is what all local communities are doing. It is something we really want to do. Yet these uninformed sweepers criticize the city for doing very good, award winning projects like this one. It is amazing what some will stoop to. It is amazing what the perpetually uninvolved try to criticize. It is amazing how uninformed they are.

These sweepers don’t deserve our vote at all. They should be apologizing to all of us for tearing down the city and its good reputation.

Robert J. Augustine

To the editor:

The DHA candidate forum went as expected.

District 2 candidate Heyward Wescott called himself an “insider” in support of his close friend Mayor Mike Davis – not surprising since Wescott was his campaign manager when he ran for mayor. Wescott proudly boasted about the recent award for Project Renaissance. However, in his enthusiasm to support the mayor and his developer friends, Wescott neglected to mention the award was given by the Georgia Planning Association whose chairman Eric Bosman previously designed this project as part of a $300,000 fee paid to his firm by the city of Dunwoody – an award apparently in recognition of himself – an award given in recognition of “Outstanding Plan Implementation” for a project that has not even been built.

On the other hand, District 2 candidate Jim Riticher called Project Renaissance a sweetheart deal given to a financially weak developer for a project destined to cost taxpayers millions.

Not surprisingly, District 1 incumbent Denis Shortal proudly expressed his continued support for the Dunwoody Village Parkway master plan that calls for having something similar to Atlantic Station that is located near downtown Atlanta. His District 1 opponent Henly Shelton does not support the design for the Dunwoody Village Parkway project that eliminates 2 lanes just for bicycle riders and will cause traffic delays in the area already burdened with traffic congestion. Henly Shelton is also very concerned that merchants along the village parkway were mostly not even consulted about this project. However, the Simpson Group shopping center informed the mayor of opposition to the master plan for this project – just before he voted for it anyway.

Meanwhile, District 3 incumbent Doug Thompson expressed confidence in the recently approved zoning re-write. His District 3 opponent Sam Eads expressed strong opposition to this zoning re-write. Sam Eads noted that during the City Council meeting when this zoning travesty was approved that council members debated at length about the number of pets permitted by homeowners – yet refused to even address the zoning language that allows thousands of apartments in Dunwoody that can significantly affect our infrastructure and school system. Moreover, Doug Thompson does not favor citizen leadership on organizations that operate our parks. Conversely, Sam Eads has full confidence there are many very capable Dunwoody citizens who can provide the leadership on organizations that establish strategic plans and operate our parks.

Hopefully, the 3 clean sweep candidates Henly Shelton, Jim Riticher and Sam Eads will win the election on November 5 and rescue us from further insanity.

Tony Delmichi

Joe Earle

Joe Earle is Editor-at-Large. He has more than 30-years of experience with daily newspapers, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.