• Will Gillett
  • St. Pius X Catholic High, senior
Will Gillett

Will Gillett’s first foray into running a business came through a summer camp he started with his brothers at their home. For a small fee, campers could engage in activities ranging from hockey on the pavement to obstacle courses in the backyard.

Will didn’t stop there. He has founded and managed a photography business, a sports camp and a T-shirt business called Anchor Prep.

His T-shirts, promoted as “clothing that fits your lifestyle ” and by encouraging customers to “stay preppy,” feature his brand’s signature anchor with a bow tied around it in the center of a red and white lifebuoy. Through Anchor Prep, he has designed specialty T-shirts for his school and for Village Burger, a local Dunwoody restaurant.

His photography business started after his mother gave him a camera during his freshman year of high school. “My camera was pretty basic,” Will said. “[She] got me one as a hobby, which quickly turned into a business.”

He has been hired to photograph first communions, take family portraits and record families’ special occasions. He serves as a photographer for Sandy Springs Youth Sports and took photos for his high school’s football team. “From seeing [my] pictures in the yearbook to the locker room,” Will said, “it’s just nice to be appreciated in that way and to be able to give back.”

With all that he has accomplished, Will admits that he could not have been successful without the help and support from some of the closest people to him, including his mother, who sometimes accompanies him on photo shoots.

“My mom has been awesome!” Will said. “My mom has really always been there for me and I really appreciate that.”

Will also has the support from many of his friends, including St. Pius X senior Matthew Coody, who runs his own landscaping business. The two bonded over their hobbies, and have helped one another with their businesses. “I think it’s really ironic that we are the best of friends, and we’re both two avid entrepreneurs,” Will said.

Coody calls Will “hardworking and motivated,” and says he’s willing to help others develop their photography skills. “He is kind of like a mentor to a lot of people,” Coody said.

At St. Pius X, Will was a member of the freshman football team, the swim team, the dive team and water polo team. He also serves as a “lion leader,” a role in a mentoring program for incoming freshman at the school, and has been certified as diving judge and swim meet starter.

What’s Next:

Will has applied to the University of Georgia and Baylor University, and hopes to study entrepreneurship.

Ane Wanliss, a student at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School, prepared this article.