Trucks circle the Coca-Cola Headquarters in Midtown. (Photo courtesy All Out)

The gay rights organization All Out hired three trucks to circle the Coca-Cola headquarters on North Avenue in Midtown all day long, urging the company  to call for a repeal of Russia’s anti-gay laws before the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

All Out has been bombarding sponsors and the Olympic Committee and its sponsors with messages to speak out against the laws, condemned by governments and human rights organizations around the world, and to call for the repeals of the law before the Games.


A protestor holds up a sign during the protest outside Coke HQ.

Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley has been the editor of Atlanta Intown for two decades and has been a journalist and freelance writer for 35 years. He’s also an award-winning poet and novelist.