greenfield academy - 0779

The Greenfield Hebrew Academy of Atlanta performed a musical program “From Strength to Strength Songs From Our Journey,” on Nov. 2, helping the Atlanta Jewish Male Choir celebrate their 10th anniversary. Front row, from left, Gabriella Schakett, Rebecca Robins and Ariel Scher. Middle row, Kinneret Weismark, Elli Russutto and Lydia Miller. Back row, Guy Wainstock, Kira Berzack and Miriam Raggs give it their all.

At left, front row, Mollie Glazer and Erin Gabbai, back row, Ilan Cheskes and Ian Maman,

From left, Meyer Janet, Trevor Edelson and and Bernie Idou, three tenors in the Atlanta Jewish Male Choir, perform during the concert on Nov. 2 in Sandy Springs.