To the editor:

I have been a Dunwoody resident for almost seven years. I moved here for two reasons – the easy access to the highway, so I could get to work in Lawrenceville without too much trouble, and the wonderful dog park I discovered before purchasing my townhouse. In fact, it was the dog park that led me to the home that I purchased in Dunwoody.

I have taken my dog, Hamlet, to many dog parks around Atlanta. The Brook Run Dog Park is the best out of all of them, including the dog park at Piedmont Park.

The dog park at Brook Run is well maintained by a very dedicated group of volunteers, offers plenty of shade, is conducive to meeting other dog lovers and having conversations, and is a great way to get some exercise by walking around on the trails inside the park while the dog gets his from playing with other dogs.

I care about the place where I live, and am concerned about the amount of money that is to be spent on creating a new, smaller and less attractive dog park.

Please leave the dog park as it is. Do not move the park or change it. Arborists were hired by other Dunwoody citizens whose reports refute the report the city of Dunwoody conducted.

I just wonder what sort of city the mayor and City Council is creating here – one in which they do what they want with taxpayer money? Or one in which the wishes and desires of the people that live and pay taxes here are ignored.

I am one of many in Dunwoody that are asking… Please keep the current dog park open.

Hillary Meister