The Randolph-Lucas House is almost ready to move.
The Randolph-Lucas House is almost ready to move.

The historic Randolph-Lucas House is scheduled to be relocated from Peachtree Road in Buckhead to Ansley Park tonight beginning at midnight. According to a media release from the Atlanta Preservation Center, it will take until 6 a.m. before the house reaches its new location on Peachtree Circle.  A temporary road has been built across the street from the Woodruff Arts Center to access the lot on Peachtree Circle lot
The Randolph-Lucas House has been partially disassembled for its relocation. Since July, Complete Demolition Services has been preparing the house for the move, including removing the brick façade and the slate roof. The brick veneer will be cleaned and reinstalled after the wood-frame house is set on its new foundation. The slate shingles have also been salvaged for reuse. The exterior windows, doors, and dormers have been removed, carefully labeled, and will be reinstalled at the new location. The house will be split above the first floor and the roof will be hinged and lowered so that the house can be transported in two separate pieces. The maximum height of each section of the house will be 19 feet. Steel beams and wooden bracing have been installed to stabilize the sections during the relocation.
Low-hanging utility lines and traffic signals will be temporarily relocated during the relocation. Utility crews from Georgia Power, Comcast, AT&T and the Wright -Brown Electric Co. will accompany the house along its route, move any obstructions as the house approaches, and put back the lines and signals as soon as the house clears the area. Police escorts will also accompany the house and temporarily reroute traffic at affected intersections.
The home was saved from demolition by Christopher Jones and Roger Smith, founders of NewTown Partners, who will use the house as their primary residence once it is relocated to Ansley Park.
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