The Brookhaven City Council voted unanimously to drop its appeal of a DeKalb judge’s recent ruling on the annexation of Century Center.

Mayor J. Max Davis presented a resolution to City Council Nov. 12 to stop any funding of the appeal and to ask Chamblee to withdraw its suit against Brookhaven.

“After thoughtful deliberation on this important issue we decided that Highwoods Properties can continue its own course as they see fit. However, we won’t be funding the current appeal,” Davis said. “We would like to congratulate the new citizens of Chamblee. We hope to see the entire northeast corridor of DeKalb municipalized because we believe it’s best for the region.”

On Nov. 5, residents of the Dresden East neighborhoods voted to have their area – which includes Century Center – annexed into the city of Chamblee.  But earlier, on Oct. 8, Brookhaven City Council had voted to annex Century Center alone after a request for annexation from the property’s owners, Highwoods Properties. The two cities went to court, and a DeKalb judge ruled Brookhaven could only annex the property if Chamblee’s annexation referendum failed. Brookhaven then appealed that ruling to the Georgia Supreme Court.