The city of Brookhaven will begin its first sidewalk and paving projects before the end of the year.

City Council has allocated $400,000 from the 2013 budget to begin connecting sidewalks in parts of the city where there are gaps for pedestrians.

The mayor and City Council members each selected locations in their districts, for a total of eight sidewalk projects throughout the city.

“This is really in my mind one of the main reasons for cityhood,” said Mayor J. Max Davis. “Now you’re actually seeing the results of your city and your tax dollars at work. It really does hit home for me about what this city is all about.”

City Manager Marie Garrett said she thinks the sidewalk improvements are a nice way to mark the city’s first anniversary on Dec. 17.

“It is my desire to do this on an annual basis to celebrate the holiday season and celebrate cityhood,” Garrett said.

Building sidewalks

Here is a list of the sidewalk projects for 2013:

• Curtis Drive – in front of Woodward Elementary

• Briarwood Way – from Briarwood Park entrance to Drew Valley Drive

• Coosawattee Drive – at Cartecay Drive

• Appalachee Drive – between Etowah and Canoochee Drives

• Windsor Parkway – between Osborne Road and the city border

• Humility Lane – between Hearst Drive and Ashford Dunwoody Road

• Ashford Dunwoody Road – between Humility Lane and Stratfield Drive

• Harts Mill Road – at Watkins Place

 Paving is planned on the following roads:

• Dunwoody Place

• Etowah Drive – between Ellijay and Appalachee Drives

• Hunters Brook Court

• Pamela Drive

• Stratfield Drive – between Ashford Dunwoody Road and Stratfield Circle

 Source: city of Brookhaven

At a Nov. 12 meeting, City Council members explained why they chose areas for sidewalk improvements this year. The goal is to fill gaps between existing sidewalks.

Davis said he’s wanted to see a sidewalk on Humility Lane near a “dangerous” section of Ashford-Dunwoody Road since before the city incorporated. He hopes the added sidewalk connectivity will make it safer for kids who walk to the private schools in the area.

“Kids can walk home from [Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School] or St. Martin’s [Episcopal School],” Davis said. “It’s good for both the schools in that area and the neighborhoods.”

Councilwoman Rebecca Chase Williams said she chose to add sidewalks along Windsor Parkway between Osborne and Mabry roads.

“We’ve probably had more requests for the sidewalks along this stretch than anywhere else,” Williams said. “I’m very excited about that.”

Councilman Joe Gebbia used his portion of the funds to build sidewalks on Curtis Drive near Woodward Elementary School, where a large portion of the students walk to school. He called the project a “much needed improvement that’s long overdue.”

“There’s no sidewalk there and it’s a steep bank,” Gebbia said. “They have to walk on the road and it’s dangerous.”