Brookhaven officials believe the zoning map they adopted from DeKalb County earlier this year is flawed.

City employees have discovered there aren’t files for many zoning changes the county made  within Brookhaven before the city came into being.

“We believe there’s 20 years of missing case files from the county that was not transferred to us,” City Manager Marie Garrett said.

Council members voted Nov. 26 to begin a formal audit of the city’s zoning map. Garrett said staff is looking into bringing on an additional employee who will be dedicated to correcting the map. They do not know the extent of the inconsistencies.

“We will have to go parcel by parcel to vet this map. It will be a lengthy process,” said Planning Director Susan Canon.

Once all of the zoning district information is corrected and verified, the zoning map will go before the Planning Commission and be re-adopted by the City Council, officials said.

The problem was highlighted by Ashford Park residents, who came to the City Council meeting Nov. 26 because they are concerned about a home under construction in their neighborhood.

The residents told the council that while researching zoning in the neighborhood they discovered that many of the lots had different zoning designations on the city’s zoning map than they did on the map on file in DeKalb County.

Ashford Park resident Meredith Sasser told the council that she wants to know how the lots in the neighborhood were changed when the zoning data was handed over to the city.

“At some point earlier this year it was [zoned] R-100 and now it’s R-85,” Sasser said. “What I want to understand is how it was rezoned?”