Brookhaven City Council has divvied up $200,000 to begin improvements in the city’s parks before the end of the year.

“We want to make small, meaningful improvements to our parks that park users can take advantage of almost immediately,” Councilwoman Rebecca Chase Williams said in a news release.

Here’s how the money will be spent:

-In all parks: $30,000 for permanent waste and recycling bins, including pet waste stations

-Murphey Candler Park: $65,000 for bathroom construction and improvements and upgrades to sports fields.

-Brookhaven Park: $40,000 for construction of an entry feature

-Lynwood Park: $25,000 for renovations to the athletic facilities, bathrooms and benches.

-Blackburn Park: $25,000 for pavilion renovations

-Ashford Park: $10,000 for swing set improvements

-Georgian Terrace Park: $5,000 for general improvements

-Briarwood Park: $15,000 toward a bathroom construction fundraising project

-$15,000 is reserved for future allocation

These projects are not part of the improvements that will be included in the upcoming parks and recreation master plan, the city’s detailed planning process for the future development of parks and facilities.