of_atlantagrants_logos_parkpride_imagePark Pride has announced that 17 parks in the City of Atlanta and DeKalb County will receive a total of $625,000 in matching grants for park improvements. This is the largest amount Park Pride has granted to communities in a single grant cycle, exceeding last year’s total by over $75,000. To date, Park Pride has granted over $2.8 million for playgrounds, land acquisition and other capital improvements to parks.

“The grants are only part of the story,” acknowledges Park Pride’s Executive Director, Michael Halicki. “Given the requirement for matching dollars to be raised locally, the actual impact on these parks is more than double the size of the grant. Working together with local communities and government partners, we are achieving results that could never be accomplished working in isolation.”

The four parks that received the largest awards plan for extensive park improvements:

Little Nancy Creek Park (Atlanta, $100,000) will implement the third phase of the park’s master plan, which was created with community collaboration through Park Pride’s Visioning Program in 2008. This phase includes a pavilion, a gazebo overlooking the park’s playground and grading and drainage of the land to benefit the park’s community garden.

At Mountain Way Common (Atlanta, $100,000), Park Pride’s funds will transform an 11-acre plot into an urban park along PATH400. Phase 1 of the park’s visioning plan, the development of which also is being facilitated by Park Pride, includes the construction of a pedestrian foot bridge over Little Nancy Creek that will connect existing and future trails.

Southfork Conservancy (Atlanta, $92,250) will add interpretive and way-finding signs along the new Creekside Trail in northeast Atlanta. A field survey also will be conducted to determine how best to improve access to a connected network of public greenways.

Walker Park (Atlanta, $100,000) plans to use the funds to create a track around its playing field, install a fenced dog park, and update park amenities that will allow multiple groups to use the park simultaneously.

Additional grants have been awarded to: Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area (DeKalb County, $22,500), Bessie Branham Park (Atlanta, $3,000), Blue Heron Nature Preserve (Atlanta, $5,000), Constitution Lakes Nature Preserve (DeKalb County, $10,000), Delano Line Park (DeKalb County, $6,500), Esther Peachy Lefevre Park (Atlanta, $26,000), Jennie Drake Park (Atlanta, $14,000), Kittredge Park (DeKalb County, $38,000), LaVista Park (DeKalb County, $7,000), Lindsay Street Park (Atlanta, $30,000), Outdoor Activity Center (Atlanta, $28,000), Sibley Park (Atlanta, $5,000) and Springbrook Park (DeKalb County, $38,000).

Learn more about Park Pride at parkpride.org.

Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley has been the editor of Atlanta Intown for two decades and has been a journalist and freelance writer for 35 years. He’s also an award-winning poet and novelist.