Picture 4Atlanta-based recycling company Remix Recycling has announced it will add up to 360 local jobs as they launch a new program aiming at protecting the environment. Starting immediately, the company plans to hire 100 call center representatives, 150 sales representatives and 20 upper management positions, along with drivers, warehouse, and energy auditors.

According to Remix Recycling President Warren Crawley, “what better time to put people to work, with the holiday season fast approaching ,meaning more recyclables will end up in the landfill, and not to mention the thousands of gallons of cooking oil being used for frying turkeys during the holiday season. We have evidence showing that many cooks are pouring that spent oil down their kitchen sinks and drains,” Crawley says. “This is proving to cost local governments millions of dollars in sewer repairs and often time, EPA fines as the oil turns to a solid and clogs pipes or enters our water systems.”

Qualified applicants will begin work immediately after a successful interview and training. The Remix Recycling Call Centers will be housed in two downtown Atlanta locations, making access to the jobs convenient for those seeking call center and sales positions, workers can earn $10 an hour plus commission; drivers and warehouse positions starting pay is $15 per hour.

Job seekers can submit a resume via email at career@remixrecycling.com and indicate “green job” in the subject line or fax to 888-635-0263. For more information, visit remixrecycling.com.

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