Drive through Brookhaven, and it won’t be long before you see trucks, silt fences and signs tacked in front of yards bearing the names of builders and architects: the signs of a building boom.

While officials in the new city of Brookhaven are cheering the renewed development, they are also rushing to keep up with all the activity.

Community Development Director Susan Canon said she is hiring new employees to keep up with the demand for permits and inspections.

“We’re in a building boom,” Canon said. “There’s just a lot of activity occurring here and we need to be able to handle the workload and meet the demand.”

Since Brookhaven began operations one year ago, the city has issued approximately 2,500 permits, Canon said.

“We have a lot of infill residential construction with tear-down and rebuilds,” Canon said. “Out of that 2,500, over 2,000 of those are residentially related.”

The city has hired a development services manager and planning and zoning manager, and is interviewing for a land development inspector who would also serve as a plan reviewer arborist.

These will be direct employees of the city. Canon said the city is also looking to bring on more contract employees: a code enforcement officer, building inspector and administrative assistant. Brookhaven staffs its departments through contracts with private sector firms, meaning most of the people who work for the city are actually contractors.

Canon said the city recently awarded a contract for the community development department to a company called SAFEbuilt. SAFEbuilt replaces a team from Clark Patterson Lee.

“We were looking at the opportunity to secure positions that were totally full-time and dedicated to the city of Brookhaven. With the SAFEbuilt contract and other decisions that we’ve made for direct city hires, we have a team now that is 100 percent, full-time dedicated to the city of Brookhaven,” Canon said.