The area on this map outlined by dashes highlights the proposed city of Briarcliff. The area with a solid outline represents the proposed city of Lakeside.

The City of Briarcliff Initiative has posted the results of an independent cityhood feasibility study to its website at The study was conducted by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia.

According to the study documents, Dunwoody and Smryna were used as comparison governments to determine the likely operational expenses associated with providing parks, police, public works, planning and zoning, basic administrative costs, as well as capital costs associated with those services and administration. The conclusion was that  a city comprised of the Briarcliff study area is fiscally feasible.

Annual operating expenditures are expected to be $37,013,278, while revenue would be $54,432,544.

“An independent study has confirmed what so many in central DeKalb already knew that Briarcliff is positioned to be the most sensible city for central DeKalb,” said Allen Venet, President of City of Briarcliff Initiative. “Our proposed city has a strong blend of residential, commercial and industrial areas. Our map is smart and does not abandon neighborhoods. We believe the members of this community deserve the chance to publicaly vote on Briarcliff city hood.”

Initiatives to create a City of Lakeside and City of Tucker, which encompass some of the same area in the proposed Briarcliff plan, are also underway.

You can read the entire 52-page Briarcliff report in PDF format at this link.

Collin Kelley

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