Amelia Cole
Amelia Cole

By the end of high school, Amelia Cole will have received a dozen varsity letters for her participation on The Galloway School’s soccer, basketball, and cross country teams.

Cole’s athletic achievements put her in the running for the special 12-letter award, a rare achievement in Galloway history.

“Only one girl got the award last year,” Cole said. “It’s really not that common for people to earn so many letters.”

Excellence in the athletic arena has always been her goal, but Amelia didn’t always have the 12-letter award to work toward until high school.

“I’m not even sure I knew about the award until sometime in freshman year,” she said. “But when I found out about it, it became my goal to get the award,” Cole said.

Cole had a strong foundation for the skills she developed as an athlete and student at Galloway. She began playing soccer at the age of 3, and it has become an integral part of who she is.

“I started going to Galloway before I was 3, so everyone knows me there. I have an older sister so they always knew me and they’ve always supported me,” Cole said.

One of her supporters is her former soccer coach, Edgar Flores. Flores was her sister’s coach as well as Amelia’s coach in her freshman year and is a close family friend. Flores now coaches at Dunwoody High School but has remained an important member of Cole’s support system.

“He was my coach, but he’s also a friend. He gave me a lot of advice. He always tells me to play with heart and fight for what I believe in,” Cole said.

Flores described Amelia as “fast and fearless” and a strong competitor. “She was always competing – with herself, with her sister, to make the team better,” Flores said. “She’s a unique athlete … If Galloway has a Hall of Fame, someday she’ll be in it.”

What’s next? Amelia plans to attend Elon University in North Carolina in the fall. She intends to keep playing soccer and to major in Special Education or Early Childhood Education.

This article was prepared by Varsha Narendra, a student at Dunwoody High School.