Major Van H Hobbs Jr
Major Van H Hobbs Jr

Atlanta Police Department Zone 2 Commander Maj. Van Hobbs says 2013 was a good year overall for his precinct. Crime went down and the department made some big arrests. There were also some troubling trends, like an increase in robberies.

The Buckhead Reporter got Hobbs’ take on 2013 and his expectations for the coming year.

Q:  What do you consider the high point for Zone 2 in 2013?

A: The high point for Zone 2 was that we were able to reduce overall crime by 5%.  Although we did see an increase in some areas, robberies for example, we made numerous high profile robbery arrests.

Q:  What crime trends did you notice in 2013 compared with prior years?

A:  The trend we noticed in 2013 was the increase in robberies.  We spent considerable time and resources to fight that and had great success.  The issue was that because we had several “serial” type robberies the individual(s) caused our numbers to increase before we could get them arrested.

Q:  What’s the oddest thing that happened in 2013?

A:  I believe the oddest thing that we had to deal with in 2013 was the robbery of the Perry Homes library temporarily located on Bolton Road.

Q:  I know at the beginning of the year, theft from autos was among the top concerns for your zone. Were you able to lower those numbers this year?

A: Theft from Autos was a major point of effort for Zone 2.  To that affect we arrested 61% more offenders in 2013 than we did in 2012.  However, we did see a slight increase (49) in total crimes in 2013.  We did track our victims and found that approximately 80% of our victims did not live in Zone 2 or in the City of Atlanta.  This shows the Departments Clean Car Campaign is effective and does work.

Q:  What do you expect for the zone in 2014?

A:  We will continue to monitor crime patterns and trends in the year 2014 and with the help of technology that has been introduced, PredPol and the Video Integration Center (VIC), we expect to see a continued reduction in crime.

Dan Whisenhunt

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