The deadline for City of Atlanta residents and businesses to register their alarm systems is here. Residents can register their alarm system for free online at or by calling 1-855-725-7102.

In an effort to improve public safety and redirect limited resources, the city enacted a series of amendments to the existing false alarm ordinance. The new ordinance took effect last September and residents have until tomorrow, Feb. 1, to register without incurring an unregistered alarm penalty. After Feb. 1, false alarm calls from an unregistered alarm system will result in a $150 fine.

If a registered alarm is activated and it turns out to be false, there is no fine, just a warning. The second false alarm will result in a $50 fine to the homeowner. Fines will escalate for each false call thereafter.

Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley is Editor of Atlanta Intown. He can be reached at