To the editor:

My friend Bob Hickey recently quoted me in a letter [Dunwoody Reporter, Jan. 24-Feb.6]: “We’ve always given the people the right to vote and I hope we will. We’ve lost our way as Republicans if we won’t do that.”

It is true that I made this statement, but it was said in the context of cityhood and a message to my fellow Republican legislators.

I do not believe people need to vote on every issue – [that’s] why we are a constitutional republic and not a democracy.

I do agree with Bob that if a substantial cost increase is necessary to take over a service such as fire, such as a bond issue for equipment, then I would want a citizen vote. If taking over fire by the city involves substantial new cost to our citizens, then as a citizen I would in all likelihood vote no.

Hope this clarifies my position to those that are interested in what I think.

Fran Millar