Every year, the Professional Association of Georgia Educators Foundation honors top students at both public and private high schools from across the state. Students who receive the highest scores at their school on the SAT, a college entrance exam, and have grade-point averages in the top 10 percent of their class are recognized as STAR students, which stands for Student Teacher Achievement Recognition program. Each STAR student then chooses a teacher as his or her STAR teacher. After STAR students and teachers are chosen from the high schools, school system winners are named. Winners chosen from districts compete for the title of state STAR student. Here are the STAR students and teachers from schools in Reporter Newspapers communities: Brookhaven, Buckhead, Dunwoody and Sandy Springs. Their names and photos were provided by their high schools.

Atlanta Girls’ School
Africa McLeod, STAR student
Melissa Bobeck, STAR teacher
Atlanta International School
Liam Simkins-Walker, STAR student
Peter Hamer-Hodges, STAR teacher
Brandon Hall
Mary Gunning, STAR student
Scott Chruszcz, STAR teacher
Cross Keys High School
Kui Sit, STAR student
Monique Whorton, STAR teacher
Chamblee Charter High School
Mollie Simon, STAR student
Christopher Y. Smith, STAR teacher
Dunwoody High School
Mallory Harris , STAR student
Raymond Wise, STAR teacher
Dunwoody High School
Maddie Dill, STAR student
Erik Vincent, STAR teacher
The Galloway School
Lakota Rich, STAR student
Rebecca Klein, STAR teacher
Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School
Natalie Kessler, STAR student
Gerard Gatoux, STAR teacher
Holy Spirit Preparatory School
Carson Hooper, STAR student
Michael Rondeau, STAR teacher
The Lovett School
Halle Payne, STAR student
Debi Ohayon, STAR teacher
Marist School
Joey Paris, STAR student
Sergio Stadler, STAR teacher
Marist School
Brendan Phillips, STAR student
Anne Washington Saunders, STAR teacher
Marist School
Erin Connolly, STAR student
Matt Romano, STAR teacher
Mount Vernon Presbyterian School
Joseph Martin, STAR student
Tom Rounds, STAR teacher
North Atlanta High School
Bailey Palmer, STAR student
Robert Bramlett, STAR teacher
North Springs Charter High School
Jake Busby, STAR student
Jan Arnette, STAR teacher
Pace Academy
Kal Golde, STAR student
Elizabeth Kann, STAR teacher
Pace Academy
Joshua Rogers, STAR student
Gus Whyte, STAR teacher
Riverwood International Charter School
Ben Dolder, STAR student
Diane Kopkas, STAR teacher
St. Pius X Catholic High School
Christina DeLurgio, STAR student
Melissa Page, STAR teacher
Weber School
Emily Bachner, STAR student
Michele Brown, STAR teacher
The Westminster Schools
Alexandra Smith, STAR student
Freddy Martin, STAR teacher
The Westminster Schools
Maya Grimes, STAR student
Woody Barnes, STAR teacher