Fulton County Schools officials have shared more details about the new Heards Ferry Elementary School building, which is scheduled to open at 6151 Powers Ferry Road in 2015.

At a meeting March 4, officials spoke about the design of the elementary school and plans to relocate the school system’s administrative offices to an office building next door.

“This is a very exciting project. It’s a beautiful building, and we’re looking forward to getting into the new facility,” said Patrick Burke, deputy superintendent of operations for Fulton County Schools. Architect Michael Collins explained that new school building’s classrooms will be separated from what he called the core areas, such as the auditorium and gymnasium. The design allows for that portion of the building to be used in the evenings for events like community meetings, he said.

“It is strategically organized,” Cooper said. “It’s easy to isolate the building.”

Construction is estimated to begin by late spring. The Fulton County Schools system will move into an existing office building next door. Around 400 administrative employees will be working at that location, he said.

While officials are confident about the location of the new school and administrative building, some residents at the meeting had concerns that it would add traffic to Powers Ferry Road.

One woman asked how the proposed new Braves Stadium, to be built just two miles away in Cobb County, would affect traffic around the new school.

David Knotts, director of land management, said he attended an informational meeting with Braves officials about the new stadium.

He said there will be 47 games during evening hours between Mondays and Thursdays in the Braves regular season. He said the school system will be studying potential traffic effects from the baseball games. Though the Braves are not scheduled to begin playing in their new stadium until 2017, Knotts said there is already some interest in parking at school facilities.

Currently, there are 680 students at Heards Ferry Elementary and 714 students are projected to enroll next year.

Burke said it’s likely some families may be more attracted to the public school because of the new facility.

“It’s not uncommon for private school students to return when a new school is built,” Burke said.