Stan Jester
Stan Jester

On May 20, voters will go to the polls and vote in several state and local elections, including the DeKalb County Board of Education. This will be the first election since six school board members were removed by Gov. Nathan Deal after an accrediting agency put the DeKalb School System on accreditation probation. Reporter Newspapers caught up with Stan Jester, who is running unopposed for the District 1 seat, representing north DeKalb County on the school board. Jester is in a bit of a unique situation: He will be the second Jester to hold the seat. His wife, Nancy Jester, represented District 1 until she resigned in 2013. She is now running in the Republican primary for State Schools Superintendent.

Q. What are your thoughts on running unopposed for the District 1 seat?

My running unopposed is a reflection on my contributions to the community as well as on Nancy Jester’s service as a board member.

Q. What are you doing now to prepare for the school board?

I continue to work diligently to remain worthy of the community’s support. I will continue to offer information and analysis of management and results of the DeKalb County School system. Citizens in DeKalb and across our state deserve more transparency and accountability in school district operations.

Q. This is the same seat your wife held. How will you be similar, or different, than Nancy as a board member?

Nancy was dedicated to improving the educational lives of the children in the district. She vigorously advocated for prudent fiscal management and accountability. I look forward to continuing that advocacy.

Q. What are your priorities once you’re on the board?

We don’t have a funding problem in DeKalb, we have a spending problem. We have been balancing the budget on the backs of teachers for many years. My number one priority is to put the classroom first and protect the taxpayer.