From police reports dated March 23 through April 5.

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


1300 block of Monroe Drive, NE – A rape was reported on March 24. A 16-year-old patient ran away from a treatment center, returned the same day and reported to an employee that, five days earlier, a man had pushed her into an area of woods, pulled off her clothes and attempted to rape her.

3100 block of Peachtree Road, NE – A rape was reported on March 29. A woman at Grady Hospital said she cut through a hole in the fence near the rear of the bar, heard a noise, and was grabbed by her arms from behind. The suspect spoke in Spanish as he bit her on her ear. He held something to her back and demanded she unbutton her pants. She complied, and he pushed her onto her stomach, put his weight on her left side and forced her to have sex. She grabbed the back of the suspect’s shirt and they struggled for a minute before he ran away. The woman followed him to a restaurant on Peachtree, but lost sight of him. She flagged down a car and the driver let her use his phone to call 911.

1000 block of Huff Road, NW – A rape was reported on April 4. A woman said she met a man about two months ago at a club, and started communicating with him through social media. She and her friends went to the club to meet up with the suspect and his friends. While at the club, she recalled consuming three shots and one mixed drink, and said she was very intoxicated upon leaving the club. The entire party left the club and went to the suspects’ friend’s apartment for a few minutes. The woman said she was intoxicated and did not remember much about being in the apartment. She was later given a ride back to her apartment by a friend, and she went into her room and fell asleep. She was awakened by pain and realized the man was having sex with her. She told him to stop and asked if he was using a condom. The suspect held up a condom wrapper and asked her “several times if he could finish.” The victim said she told him “no,” and at one point she started to cry. He then left.


400 block of Northside Circle, NW – An aggravated assault was reported on March 23. A verbal dispute between a man and his domestic partner over the status of their relationship turned physical. The arrestee struck his partner with a metal candle holder, causing lacerations on the victim’s left hand.

1200 block of Defoor Village Court, NW – An aggravated assault was reported on March 24. A woman and her child’s father had a verbal argument over text messages in her phone. When she asked for her cellphone back, the man struck her with their child’s belt, put her in a choke hold, and punched her in the face in front of their child. The woman is four months pregnant, and had lacerations on her left arm, chest and back.

1st block of Scotland Place, NW – An aggravated assault was reported on March 27. A woman and her boyfriend had been drinking and were in a verbal argument earlier in the evening. She went to her bedroom and locked the door. When the man pushed his way into the room, she reached for mace that was by her bed. The boyfriend grabbed it and sprayed her with it. He got dressed and left, and the woman was found lying outside in a fetal position. She later noticed her phone and garage clicker were missing. She refused to write a victim statement, and said she did not want to press charges, then, the following day, came to the precinct and changed her mind. The suspect tried to re-enter the residence, but she blocked the door with a chair. The boyfriend left her iPhone, home keys and garage clicker.

2000 block of Liddell Drive, NE – An aggravated assault was reported on March 27. Co-workers got into a dispute. The suspect got a knife and stabbed the victim in the chest, elbow and face.

400 block of Armour Drive, NE – An aggravated assault was reported on March 28. A man went to his son’s mother’s apartment to watch their son while she went out. There was an argument over the time the mother was to return and whether there was a woman staying at the man’s house. The mother said she was going to go over to the man’s house to “see” this woman, and the man blocked the door. During their physical altercation, the arrestee stabbed the man in his right leg with a knife while he held their son, and she threatened to slash his tires. The two tussled for a while before the woman took the car seat and stroller and left. The man called 911 from a neighbor’s apartment and waited outside for police. The woman returned approximately 30 minutes later and struck the man several times in the parking lot while demanding their son.

1900 block of Piedmont Circle, NE – An aggravated assault was reported on March 29. A man and woman pulled up to the Intown Suites on a scooter, where the woman’s ex-boyfriend waited for them in his white 1999 Chevy Astro van. The male victim tried to get away from the suspect, but the suspect struck the scooter with his van, and the victims were knocked to the ground. The suspect struck the man in his face with a tire gauge, grabbed the woman, and threw her in his van against her will and fled the location. While the suspect headed north on I-85, he struck the woman with a machete-shaped object and choked her until she passed out.

1st block of Irby Avenue, NW – An aggravated assault was reported on March 29. A man at Piedmont Hospital said he was outside the bar when an unidentified bouncer approached him, struck him in the mouth, and knocked him to the ground. The victim took a taxi to Piedmont. He had several bottom front teeth knocked out.


1700 block of Howell Mill Road, NW – A commercial robbery was reported on March 28. A manager was locking the dining room to the business and, when he walked to the other doors, a man approached him with a black, semi-automatic pistol and demanded money. He took about $1,500.

2200 block of Bolton Drive, NW – A pedestrian robbery was reported on March 31. A man said while he was out walking his dog, he was approached by two suspects who attempted to rob him. During the incident one of the suspects started shooting, hitting the victim in the right leg, left side and shoulder. The second suspect was hit in the back; both were transported to Grady Hospital for treatment.


300 block of Pharr Road, NE – A residential burglary was reported on March 25. There were no signs of forced entry. A woman was showing the vacant condo to a friend and noticed an air mattress that did not belong to her was in the bedroom, got scared and left. When she returned, she noticed that three light fixtures, a ceiling fan and a wine cooler were missing.

300 block of W. Wieuca Road, NE – A commercial burglary was reported on March 29. A hole was kicked in the wall from the vacant office next door. The lock on a medicine cabinet was broken and an unknown amount of medicine was taken. Two lock boxes were broken open and an unknown amount of petty cash was taken. A file cabinet was broken into, and an iPad was taken from another room.

2800 block of Careygate Trail, NW – A residential burglary was reported on March 29. The garage door was left open, the inner garage door was left unlocked, and the alarm was disarmed. Twelve silver-plated Reed & Barton goblets were taken.


2500 block of Lenox Road, NE – A larceny was reported on March 25. A man let an acquaintance named “John” into his apartment when he asked for something to drink. John asked to use the bathroom. After John left, the victim went into his bedroom and found his jeans on the floor, with $440 missing from the back pocket. He had counted his money earlier while at a restaurant on Cheshire Bridge Road; John was there when the victim counted his money.

Larceny from Auto

2800 block of Peachtree Road, NE – A larceny from an auto was reported on March 25. The right rear passenger window was broken. A briefcase containing $6,000 cash, $2,000 in foreign currency, credit cards, documents and cellphones were taken from the rear passenger seat.

100 block of Alden Avenue, NW – A larceny from an auto was reported on March 26. A woman said her 2003 Chevrolet Impala was broken into and two Canon cameras, one tripod and four light stands were stolen.

1000 block of Huff Road, NW – A larceny from an auto was reported on March 26. Two men went to Huff Road and broke into 26 cars. They both were charged with obstruction of officers, possession of marijuana, possession of tools to commit a crime, criminal damage to property in the second degree, entering an automobile and theft by taking. They were transported to Fulton County Jail.

1st block of Peachtree Avenue, NE – A larceny from an auto was reported on March 26. A man said that his 2005 GMC Yukon was broken into, and one iPod, three suits and tuxedos, and two pairs of Ray-Ban sunglasses were taken. No cameras or witnesses.

3600 block of Peachtree Road, NW – A larceny from an auto was reported on March 28. A man said he parked his company truck in the parking lot of the business for an hour and a half, and when he returned, he noticed the metal lever of his truck was cut and four boxes of liquor were taken, valued between $300-$400. There were cameras that the officer reviewed that showed two men taking the boxes out of the truck. A supervisor and an investigator were notified of the incident.

1000 block of Chattahoochee Avenue, NW – A larceny from an auto was reported on March 29. The passenger window was broken. An envelope containing $6,000 cash, just withdrawn from Bank of America, was taken from the seat.