By Martha Nodar

Members of a Buckhead-based arts group are showing their impressions on facial expressions in an exhibit at the Buckhead Branch of Fulton County Public Library.

The “Face and Psyche” exhibit, which continues through May 29, includes the works of artists from Brookhaven, Buckhead, Sandy Springs and Dunwoody: Wendy Adams, Leon Borchers, Robert Christie, Carol Dew, Jason Espey, Helene Johnson, Richard Russell and Patricia Silbiger.

They’re members of the Atlanta Artists Center, a nonprofit, and one of its subgroups, the AAC Tuesday Sketch Group, which meets every Tuesday morning to sketch a portrait of a model. A sketch is a quick record of an artist’s visual impression. It may either stand alone in its own right or be used as a step toward a finished composition.

Despite their varied artistic styles, the artists say sketching gives them an opportunity to sharpen their observational skills.

Russell, for instance, said his primary goal is to depict a model’s facial features. “My philosophy is to catch as many details of the face as possible,” he said. “For me the idea is to capture the models’ psychological demeanor and for them to recognize themselves when they look at the sketch.”

But Adams said she feels a vibe permeating the studio between the model and the artists during the first attempt to capture the model’s facial expression. That is why she prefers to leave the sketch as it is after the session is over.

“I often create an unfinished vignette and leave it like that,” Adams said. “I strive to do a quick, understated piece in the presence of the model and not complete it at home because I feel there is an inexplicable transmission or connection between the model, the artist, and the brush that cannot be replicated.”

And Johnson describes her work as being about creating a piece that “radiates energy,” which she believes happens when viewers offer their own interpretations. She wants to create an impression, not a replica of the model’s face.

“If a piece has all the details, it does not engage the viewer,” she said. “The idea is to create something with energy, emotion, and to invoke a little curiosity in the viewer. No piece is complete until the viewer is engaged with it.”

What: “Face and Psyche” Art Exhibit by the AAC Tuesday Sketch Group

Where: Buckhead Public Library, 269 Buckhead Ave.

When: through May 29

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