Reports dated April 20 through May 3.

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.
1st block of Peachtree Valley Road, NW – A homicide was reported on April 29. The victim, in a 2014 Nissan Maxima, had been shot to death. The body was removed from the scene by the Fulton County Medical Examiner. There are no arrests at this time.
2900 block of Piedmont Road, NE – A rape was reported on May 2. The victim, who is a junior at Alpharetta High School, disclosed to a friend’s mother that she was raped by the suspect, who is an acquaintance, while attending a prom after-party at a hotel. No room number was provided. The victim’s mother was notified of the assault on April 30, and contacted her pediatrician the following day. The doctor referred her to a service that assists victims of child exploitation. An appointment was scheduled for that following Monday, but the victim told her mother that she did not want to wait until Monday, and wanted to be taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment. When the unit responded to Scottish Rite, the victim was visibly upset and crying. She said she was present at the prom from 8 p.m. to approximately 9 p.m., but could not say when she arrived at the hotel or the name of the person who took her to the after-party. When the unit attempted to question the victim further, she became very upset and stated that she did not want to talk anymore. The attending doctor conducted a physical exam and found no visible signs of injury, and advised that a scan would not respond due to the delay (a week) in reporting the incident.
2400 block of Cornet Way, NW – An aggravated assault was reported on April 22. A woman said her son’s father struck her in the face after she tore up the $7 he gave her 6-year-old son to buy a meal. She said the suspect cursed at her when she refused to give him $100. She said he picked up a stick, struck her in the leg with it, pulled her wig off and ran; all in the presence of their child. She did not have any visible marks.

800 block of Forrest Street, NW – An aggravated assault was reported on April 24. Several people were leaving a recording studio when two to three men approached them. One of the men pulled a revolver and demanded property. Victim #1 gave up his wallet and iPhone (with tracking). Shots were fired and victim #1 was shot in the back. A witness put victim #1 in his passenger seat and was in route to Grady Hospital when they flagged down an officer at the intersection of Holmes and Antone streets. Victim #2 was struck in the face with a gun, and suffered a large cut on his lip, and victim #3 was pistol whipped. A victim had a 9mm gun on his lap while inside a vehicle and said he had no idea how it got there; the gun was recovered. The victims were transported to Grady Hospital. Three spent shell casings, two cigarette lighters and an open box of Newport cigarettes were recovered from the parking lot in the 800 block of Forrest Street. Two spent shell casings were recovered from the street in front of the parking lot. In the 700 block of Forrest Street, two casings, a black NY baseball cap and a cellphone were recovered in the parking lot. Two shell casings were recovered from the street. A white, four-door 2000 BMW was found unlocked in the parking lot, with the key still in the vehicle.

2700 block of Piedmont Road, NE – An aggravated assault was reported on April 29. The victim took the suspect’s wife for a motorcycle ride and when he returned, the suspect attempted to attack and punch the victim. The suspect took out a can of pepper spray and sprayed the victim in the face.


3500 block of Peachtree Road, NE – A pedestrian robbery was reported on April 26. A man and an acquaintance were seated at a table on the patio with a stranger who identified himself as “Dre.“ Dre identified himself as an author, and engaged the two men in conversation about his recently completed book. The acquaintance left the table to talk to some women before two other people sat down at the table with the victim and Dre. The taller suspect produced a pistol, placed it at the victim’s side and took his Rolex Presidential watch and approximately $7,000 cash. The two suspects traveled northbound, up the sidewalk, toward the parking lot. Dre also fled. The acquaintance believed he saw the suspects drive past in a dark-colored Porsche Cayenne.

1900 block of Piedmont Road, NE – A pedestrian robbery was reported on April 29. Two men approached the victim while he was in a parking lot. He said one of the men pulled a gun, pushed him between two cars and demanded his items. The other man was armed with a handgun and stood as a lookout. The victim’s Rolex watch, gold necklace and iPhone 5s were stolen. The suspects fled.

1700 block of Howell Mill Road, NW –A pedestrian robbery was reported on May 1. Two suspects approached a woman as she was leaving an ATM and told her “This is a robbery and I don’t want to hurt you.” The suspects took her money and told her to drive away from the location.
3700 block of Roswell Road, NE – A residential burglary was reported on April 20. A PlayStation3 game system with eight games, a Browning 6 rifle, three buck knives, two scopes and two personalized drinking mugs were taken.
2600 block of Church Street, NW – A residential burglary was reported on April 20. Three suspects broke into a residence and stole three TVs and cloth valued at $3,000. One suspect was identified by a witness.
3200 block of Paces Ferry Place, NW – A commercial burglary from a specialty store was reported on April 22. Two suspects wearing masks and gloves broke out a front glass window on a fine jewelry store, entered, and stole approximately $10,000 worth of jewelry. They fled in a white or gray vehicle. There is video of the incident.
1000 block of Defoors Crossing, NW – A residential burglary was reported on April 24. Someone jimmied the door to the location and stole a 32-inch flat screen TV. The TV was later located in an alley nearby.