To the editor:

Mr. Joe Hammell recently posted a letter concerning traffic congestion in Brookhaven. [“Traffic is horrific … does any city representative care?” Brookhaven Reporter, April 18-May 1] He was concerned about the volume and operations of the intersection at Peachtree Road and Dresden Drive.

Specifically, his concern was over the volume of southbound, left-turn traffic onto Dresden Drive and its safety and operations. He cited that the city of Brookhaven had not studied the operations, nor proposed a solution.

Since I have been a resident of Brookhaven for 26 years, I too have seen the traffic volumes increase on all streets, especially there and at North Druid Hills and Peachtree Road, especially the turning movements.

During the last repaving of this stretch of road, I made suggestions to the Georgia Department of Transportation concerning the old lane shifts north of Dresden. I suggested the current configuration, and GDOT examined it and implemented it, since the traffic model showed it improved not only the operations, but safety.

Please remember that Peachtree Road as well as Buford Highway are state routes and GDOT has jurisdiction on those roads.

During the recent Brookhaven MARTA station design charette, two proposals were documented as possible solutions for these two intersections.

They can be viewed in the report.

In addition, the city of Brookhaven is in the process of updating four important plans: The Comprehensive Plan will include the Parks Plan, the Land Use Plan and a Transportation Plan.

The transportation plan will be multimodal, including bicycles, pedestrians and vehicles. Transportation facilities will be examined for operational and safety improvements, possible bike paths and lanes, maintenance needs, etc. The final plan also will include project costs and priorities.

Input has been and is still being collected from the interested public. No projects or priorities have been assigned in the plan yet (no designs either), although some may be no-brainers. Ideas have been collected from the Steering Committee of citizens and from ongoing input on the city website.

The steering committee and city officials are interested in your ideas for improvement. Now is the time to share your thoughts. There are no bad ideas at this time. All suggestions will be considered and, if beneficial, they may be included in the plan. Final approval shall be made by the mayor and city council.

So, as you sit in traffic or at home, what improvements would you like to see?

 – Joe Palladi