To the editor:

Our four children went through the DeKalb County Schools from kindergarten through high school, and then on to college and productive adult lives. This was many years before this area was incorporated and during the many political upheavals in the country.

The public schools did not fail us, although there were plenty of struggles and a constant effort to make them better. We did not think of pulling our kids out of the schools, nor pulling the money out of the system. Whatever the rationale for charter schools, there is no doubt that vital funding leaves the county systems, where 98 percent of American kids are educated.

Parents today may not realize that public education was and is the “jewel in the crown” in this country. They should read some American and world history. It is heartbreaking to contemplate the end of public education where everyone gets a fair chance.

The system needs tinkering and maybe even more, but why throw the baby out with the bath water? Our ancestors ran away from elitism and education for the few. Why tilt back?

Michael Zeiler