To the editor:

As a long-time dog park supporter, user and volunteer, I beg the Dunwoody City Council to please not move our park. We already have several sun-scorched dog parks nearby, which are virtually unusable and empty throughout the summer months due to the heat and sun exposure for both animals and their human families.

If the council members are so greatly concerned about the health of the trees in our current dog park area, I must question their complete lack of concern for the 250+ trees which were destroyed to develop the hiking trail last year. There would not begin to be even half that number of trees lost in 20 years of current dog park losses, with continuous new growth replacing the dying trees.

Further, every time I’ve visited the dog park since the hiking trail opened, there are far more people using the dog park than are using the hiking trail.

Brook Run Dog Park does not currently cost the citizens and taxpayers of Dunwoody one dime in care or maintenance, as our pet families perform all maintenance, fundraising for materials, etc.

Should this park be moved to the council’s chosen location, it will be virtually unused in the six months of warm weather due the heat, after costing the taxpayers in excess of $300,000 of their tax dollars. Further, there will be no further volunteer fundraisers, maintenance and clean-up, etc. The new park will become entirely funded by taxpayer money, as well!

The new location chosen by the council must surely have been selected by people with no experience or interest in animal needs and safety. The location will be mostly unsheltered, resulting in sunburn and heat exhaustion for animals and humans alike, and in an area of shouting children and skateboarders, and with already limited parking and much more traffic. This needlessly endangers the pets and children of dog park users.

Further, the council’s chosen location is even closer to private residences than the current one, so how does that address the barking complaints the council claims to have received? The homes near the dog park are already in very heavily trafficked areas which produce endless noise. The dog park is at least quiet at night, which the traffic is not!

Citizens of Dunwoody, please contact your council members and ask them to vote “no” on moving Brook Run Dog Park, and spend your tax dollars on projects which are beneficial and worthwhile for all.

Aileen Deaton