To the editor:

I drive through the Ashford-Dunwoody/Johnson Ferry split (by Corner Pizza) every day in Brookhaven.

When I travel down Ashford-Dunwoody Road from Peachtree-Industrial, many times I have to stop at the light to turn left to continue on to J-Ferry toward the hospital. Every time, every single time, I witness cars going around cars prior to the turn and cross the double yellow line. In most instances it is a green light in the opposite direction. Cars are frequently approaching from the opposite direction, and usually have to just slow down, and the situation resolves itself.

On Sunday, June 1, I was waiting to turn well before the turn (about 50 feet) and the light changed to green. I had my left turn signal on, and was as close to the yellow as I could get to hint to people I am turning, and, do not go around me! A Chrysler 300 passed me, anyway, on the left, crossed the double yellow, had traveled about 45 feet and was still halfway over the yellow, when it nearly headed into a Jeep. The Jeep had to run off the road. The 300 just kept going.

This situation happens to varying degrees every time I’m at this light. Every time!

My wife and kids drive this way every day also, and I feel I needed to address this situation before someone gets hurt or worse.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Tony Sutter

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