The Georgia Department of Transportation plans to raise the speed limit along the “top end” of the Perimeter to 65 mph starting in September.
The change from the current 55-mph speed limit will be part of a DOT plan to implement variable speed limits along the 36-mile segment of I-285 north of the I-20 interchanges, DOT said on its website.
DOT said variable speed limits change based on road, traffic, and weather conditions. Electronic signs slow traffic ahead of congestion or bad weather to smooth out flow, diminish stop-and-go conditions and reduce crashes, DOT said on its website. More consistent speeds improve safety by helping to prevent rear-end and lane-changing collisions due to sudden stops, the website said.
DOT said that I-285’s top end carries an average of 50,000 more vehicles (100,000 more in some corridors) than the south side of I-285 and also has almost twice as many interchanges. There is more traffic, more merging, more weaving, more congestion and a greater risk of crashes, DOT said.

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